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Here at Caselle Italian Imports we have made it our goal to bring you only the best Italian products. We are again looking forward to working with the Cimicchis to ensure that you are receiving one of the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oils available. 

Our products are very limited.  If you are visiting Italy we invite you to visit Orvieto and, Le Caselle, the Cimicchi’s estate where you will be welcomed and treated as family. 

The products we bring to the states are from small artisan facilities and quantities may be limited, so, please keep this in mind when ordering.  

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Every one of our producers has a unique story that has brought the meaning of family and friendship to our company.  Here are a few of their stories:

An Olive Story of Love:

Andrea and Fabio

Ahhh, Italy, the land of Romance!

While a junior at Bryant University, I had the unique opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy.  Little did I realize that this experience would play a major part in my future. After graduation, I made many trips back to the land of romance and eventually settled in Orvieto, a medieval Etruscan town located in the Umbria region of Italy. Sitting a top a plateau, Orvieto is both magical and enchanting, plus offers a stunning view from afar. It is one of those places that speaks to you and makes you immediately feel at home.  The culture and the people just warm your heart. It is here in Orvieto that I met Fabio Cimicchi and his wonderful family.    Fabio… now there is an Italian name that just brings  “Adonis” into your vision, it certainly did into mine. 

Fabio and his family have a picturesque estate filled with olive trees, vineyards and fruit trees.  As fate would have it, I needed an international consulting project to complete my Suffolk University Global MBA.  As it would be, the Cimicchi’s are very passionate about the olive oil they produce at Le Caselle.  What a perfect fit!  Our lives collided, my career was moving forward, but alas, romance took a tight hold on my heart and well, amore  blossomed.  Fabio and I became one.  Our families also came together as one.  Together we developed and introduced the  Olio delle Caselle  brand to the world. 

You can say it was “Olive at first sight…. or first Bruschetta” (as we like to say)…….We married for love and that love has brought us so much more!  Fast forward 10 years and we now have two little olives of our own who are keeping us busy and on our toes!

Thank you for continuing to be part of our journey.

– Andrea J. Pupek Cimicchi

Acetaia Fabbi- Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

Franco Fabbi’s historic vinegar loft, with over 1300 invaluable barrels, is perfectly situated in a splendid 18th century residence at Collegara in the countryside near Modena, Italy. The Fabbi family grows their own trebbiano grapes from which they produce and cook their own grape “must”- the base of real, traditional balsamic vinegar.

Franco moved the first set of barrels, dating to the late 19th century, to his country residence where he continued the process of producing traditional balsamic vinegar. Franco’s first barrels were inherited from his grandfather, Giambattista. For years he had poured his heart and soul, all his loving care and attention into maintaining them for traditional balsamic vinegar production. Franco’s father, Bruno, added new barrels to the collection of the first set of barrels – all of which were constructed with the utmost attention to detail and the highest quality wood. Since that time, with the barrel collection, the expansion, love of balsamic vinegar production was born. This artisanal tradition has been passed down to each generation of the Fabbi family along with the skills, secret recipes, trade secrets, knowledge and know-how involved in making Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. The vinegar loft flourished under the skills of Franco and his efforts were rewarded with a prize at the 1976 Spilamberto “Palio” ( the world renown competition awarding the prestigious “Palio” to the best traditional balsamic vinegar). Traditional balsamic vinegar production continues to be the focus of the family and this passion connects each generation as the same practices are in place today, with Elisa Fabbi, as were inplace with Giambattista Fabbi . You can visit Franco’s famous vinegar loft where you can count over the 1,300 barrels – each in a different stage of the production process. 

We invite you to view the production process: http://www.acetofabbi.com/english/index.htm 

First, we should probably dispel the misconception that there are different types of balsamic. The truth is, like many products which are associated with a specific micro-region, there really is only oneaceto balsamic tradizionale di Modena. This is the aged vinegar that has only one ingredient: the cooked grape must of the Trebbiano or Lambrusco grape found in and around the city of Modena, Italy. It must be aged for at least 12 years. The vinegarization and the long natural fermentation processes take years to complete then is followed by an extensive aging period.  The name and production are overseen by one of two Consortiums, Modena and Reggio Emilia and must go through the rigorous D.O.P. process to be certified as Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. Anything else is either a balsamic- style vinegar or a second-rate product full of colorants made by unscurpulous companies trying to trade off the reputation of this great product. The name is protected by the European Union. Balsamics that are made outside of the Modena region or aged less than 12 years, but made according to the traditional method are called condimento balsamico or salsa balsamica. Traditional balsamic vinegar starts out from the cooked grape must that is reduced by more than half to a thick dark syrup which then goes through the natural fermentation and acetification process. Subsequently the Balsamico is aged for a long time in a series of barrels made of different woods. Each year the vinegar is transferred to different and smaller barrels without the addition of any flavorings. Its color is deep and shining dark brown and the vinegar has beautiful smooth syrup-like consistency. It has a very characteristic aroma which is complex, sharp and pleasantly acidic. The Fabbi family’s Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale is truly exquisite!

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